Stone People

They said that we built the star ships from the rocks of our world so that when we left we could take our home with us for the long voyage in the black. But they did not say that in…

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NaNoWriMo 2013 Day 1 and A Synopsis for Fractured

5000 words in! And nearing a completed novel with every word. Also, a synopsis for it finally: In a chaotic, mad world, Bess is sure that she needs the help of a child to restore order, but he’s fled with…

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The Shiver and The Spine

The ridges and bumps in the plaster scrape across my fingertip like mountain peaks pulled against the stratosphere. I shiver in delight, aware as always that I’m flirting with danger. But the sensation runs up my arm and pools in my back, feeding that seductive grin, and it’s oh so hard to resist.

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